Sunday, December 5

A ray of sunshine

It has been a gloomy week or two what with one thing and another - even when London was blanketed with snow we only got greyness, no sunshine. Various family crises made it necessary to travel in difficult conditions, and we experienced the worst of the winter.

Thankfully today we have had some sunshine - a reminder that winter is not all doom and gloom, and that life goes on despite everything. It's amazing what difference the weather can make to one's mood and today it was good to see the light streaming through the beautiful 1970s Holmegaard suncatcher that I hung in my window just a day or so before all the shit hit the fan.

I've also been knitting socks - a natural choice in freezing conditions! These are made using Rowan Felted Tweed for my friend Lisa, whose 40th birthday fell at the end of October. The wide rib gives them a bit of stretch but hopefully will mean they are also quite snug around the ankle. She specified 'socks that don't fall down' which I'll admit is a bit of a difficult brief to fulfil. In my experience if you are wearing wellies, all socks fall down. Perhaps I should have included some of those little sock suspenders that my grandad used to wear!


Gareth Gardner said...

That suncatcher looks amazing! Glad there has finally been some sun to test it.

colleen said...

So sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time in these cold, cold days. You are right - a bit of sun certainly raised the spirit and energy levels.

Hope the coming week is a good one.

Rowan said...

heard the news at the end of last week, hope you're both bearing up.