Saturday, March 12

Southwold crime statistics

During our recent trip to Southwold, the Curse and I enjoyed browsing the local papers. The Southwold Organ is a local publication of the 'parish newsletter' variety, which is available around the pubs, shops and businesses of the town.

A report of a recent town council meeting started with crime statistics. PCSO Wallace reported that there had been three recorded crimes since the last town council meeting.

One was a case of criminal damage to a property, one was theft from a business premises.

The third was described as 'a case of burglary at Southwold Primary School, where cornflakes and ice-cream cones had been stolen then consumed in the grounds of the school.'


Mary deB said...

What is the world coming to?

colleen said...

Cycling thorough Norfolk many years ago we were warned by a local of how rough it was in Cromer and to keep an eye on our bike lamps.

Bliss was it...

Gareth Gardner said...

I hope they had something to wash them down with... Or is it linked to the infamous cream cracker and ryvita thefts in Aldeburgh?