Sunday, March 27

Tarragon and garlic chive vinegar

Every year the tarragon plant on my balcony bursts forth with renewed vigour after surviving another winter - and every year I fail to make the most of its glorious flavour.

With the garlic chives also shooting out many new leaves I decided I should make the most of their spring freshness and whip up some herb vinegar. 'Whip up' is perhaps a little optimistic, since it takes about a month or so to mature, but it's certainly very simple.

You need 'some' chopped fresh herbs (recommended amount is four tablespoons) to go with each 500ml of wine or cider vinegar.

Mix the two and put in a bottle or jar. Leave in a cool, dark place for 4-6 weeks, then strain. Use in salad dressings, on roast veg etc etc, or put it in a bottle with a posh label and a bit of ribbon and give it as a gift!

See I told you it was simple!

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Leezz said...

That sounds lovely - I'll certainly make some. By chance, I could have done with it yesterday as I've been fancying making brown rice salad and rediscovered a good recipe in a nice little 1980s wholefood booklet. It called for tarragon vinegar but I had to content myself with plain!