Friday, July 22

Short trip to Southwold

This was actually now more than a week ago, and a very short trip at that, but I thought I'd share a few things with you.

I just went for two nights to stay with my folks who were there for a week. They have been going for quite a few years now, and always rented the same bungalow which was accessible for my granny. She loved to sit on the seats on the sea front and watch the world go by, and it was relatively easy to get her to the local pubs and cafes too. They had already booked the cottage for this year when granny got sick, and by the time it was clear she wasn't going to be here, the agency couldn't get another booking, so my mum and dad went anyway. I like to think she was with us in spirit - we certainly laughed when we saw the gaudy new bedding in what used to be her bedroom, and considered what she would have had to say about it!

The Friday was glorious weather, and we enjoyed a good walk across to Walberswick, up and over the heathland, down through the marshes and back towards the beach before beer and sandwiches in the Bell Inn.

Before I drove home, on the wettest Saturday for some time, I stopped off at the Sole Bay Fisheries and filled the car with smoked fish - haddock, kippers and this beautiful hot-smoked mackerel.

There was plenty of succulent smokey flesh on it, which I stripped off, mixed with soft cheese, soured cream, lemon juice and black pepper to make a delicious smoked mackerel pate.

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