Monday, December 26

Modesty prevails

Christmas was a rather modest affair chez Knit Nurse - I cooked the traditional christmas ham on christmas eve and we sampled it in a quiche that night, but other than that it was a rather non-traditional christmas.

I dragged the Curse out somewhat reluctantly for a short bike ride along the Waterlink Way - to be fair it was pretty windy and not the best weather for it - and then we cycled over to Peckham for a low key dinner with a few of the Curse's close family.

I'm pretty sure that's the first christmas dinner I've ever eaten that did not feature roast spuds - although brussel sprouts were present (and deliciously spicey). I'll be honest, rice and peas is no substitute for roast spuds, but looking on the bright side I probably saved myself about a thousand calories in that simple substitution. (Although I did spend the calories later that night once we were home again - on a massive cheeseboard!)

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