Saturday, December 31

Finished objects - Pimlico cowl and two-at-a-time socks

After a long knitting drought I made the most of the train journey to Chesterfield and a few days at home with the folks to finish up the socks that had been hanging around for ages, and to knock up a little cowl to suit my new coat.

The cowl is the Pimlico pattern by Alexandra Brinck, and I made it with a ball of sock yarn that's been knocking around in my stash for years.

The other finished object(s) is a pair of socks that I've been struggling with for months. I was using 'magic carpet' yarn from the Yarn Yard and decided it made sense to try and knit two at a time socks, since the yarn 'carpet' was knitted up in a double strand.

Well let's say I've tried it, I've succeeded, and I'm putting it in my list of things I've done and I'm never doing again. Too much faffing with the yarn in order to prevent it twisting and getting tangled up. Couldn't get any real speed up even though I was making plain stocking stitch socks.

However the yarn was lovely and the colours created a pair of very stunning socks.


colleen said...

I like the idea of a Pimlico cowl. We followed the River Tyburn the other day and the route ends up there. Pleased to see that yours is suitably coloured for a river walk.

And here's hoping for a productive and happy new year.

knit nurse said...

Thanks, it's shaping up that way already - got three new projects ready to leap onto the needles. Hopefully I can maintain sufficient momentum to make the most of this enthusiasm and try to prevent the return to work from dampening it!

YorkshireScribe said...

Speaking of which, I was on a train to and from Chesterfield today. Lovely socks!