Tuesday, May 15

Barrow to Wythmoor Farm camping barn

So I made it. About 50 miles all told; not my record for one day (that was 60 miles but I was 23 years younger!) but good going for a semi-decrepit 40-something. All except the last few miles were fun, even the hills; after all what goes up must come down and there were some thrilling downhills to pay back for the uphill struggles!

Furness Abbey
Views to the mountains of the Lake District one way and the waters of Morecambe Bay the other (even Blackpool tower in the distance) were stunning and made the climbs doubly worthwhile.

Over the River Leven
There were moorlands and farmlands, woods and estuaries, towns and villages and dozens of places selling free range eggs off the doorstep.

A cafe in Grange-over-sands provided lunch including the sticky toffee pudding in the photo, and the pic of the cowslips reminds me that all the verges were awash with stitchwort, garlic, bluebells, cowslips, milkmaid, field mustard, yellow poppies and violets and pink campion and so many other spring flowers.
Cowslips aplenty
Cartmel sticky toffee pudding

I'm off to bed shortly as the barn is freezing and has no blinds on the windows so I'll most likely be awake at 6am or whenever the sun comes up.
Calm before the storm
Rainbow seen from the camping barn


Hugh Porter said...

A well deserved pud by the looks of it.

colleen said...

I love that you don't know what time the sun comes up. Now you must know it's much earlier than 6!

knit nurse said...

@colleen I have dark curtains in my bedroom and it faces west! And in fact I still think the sun comes up at 6 because that's what time I woke in the camping barn!