Friday, May 18

Fremmington to Thirsk

Today I covered more than 45 miles; the fact that it didn't feel like it is probably down to the terrain I travelled. Soon after leaving the Dales Bike Centre I found myself descending into the Yorkshire lowlands and freewheeling for miles through gently undulating countryside.

This was pretty much the story of the day and although it was nice and easy going on my legs, it did get a wee bit tedious in the end. No matter, for a day it was nice!

My highlights included coming across the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop right by the side of a narrow lane in the middle of nowhere. Nearly fell off my bike in shock - and naturally had to go in for a purchase!
Wool shopping opportunity in the back of beyond!
Apparently they were awaiting a coach load of American tourists later today who were coming to have tea and cakes in a 'typical English farmhouse' and hopefully spend a bit of money in the shop! Saw a few of the beautiful Wensleydale ewes and lambs in the fields as I left.

Today's sweet treat
As for typical English tea, I treated myself to a cream tea at Betty's tea room in Northallerton before the last leg of my trip to Thirsk. It did not disappoint!

Tomorrow I'm heading for Pickering to visit my friends Em and Andy who have just opened a B&B in the town. It's going to be a bit different as there's no Sustrans route to follow so I'll have to make it up myself. Bit of a shame as I've become quite reliant on the excellent signposting of the routes. Could be a slower trip.

Thirsk cinema

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Hugh Porter said...

Nice climb tomorrow then - enjoy the view!