Thursday, April 12

Russian around

Sorry for lack of posting recently - a work trip to Moscow and a nasty dose of decorating were to blame. The two-day trip to Moscow was interesting - we made it to Red Square as you can see, although not until 11pm. Luckily it was quite pleasant at that time of night - just a handful of tourists and a lonely hawker trying to sell us fake-bearskin hats covered in communist badges. Lenin's mausoleum stood out as a particularly tacky-looking addition to the square, the marble structure reminded me of some vulgar Italian hotel. It looked like it should have shiny fake leather sofas in the corner.

A six hour stint at the airport waiting for the plane, followed by four hours back to Heathrow was rather dull, but productive in knitting terms. I tried to take a photo of the latest sock FOs, but it just doesn't work in artificial light. Will try and remember to do so tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a snap of the glorious blackthorn blossom I found at the weekend on my walk around Trosley Country Park. The highlight was the wild garlic I harvested; we had some in our salad on Saturday evening, and the remainder in an omelette the following morning. Pick the young, light green leaves. They keep surprisingly well in the fridge, and add a delicious flavour to anything.

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Nicola said...

Lucky you for getting to see so many sights at the behest of your employers! I only get to see the inside of my spare bedroom/study :(
Yay that you joined Sockapalooza, are you a first time exchanger as well? As for the button problems I don't know what might be up, I did the same as I always do - save image to my flickr account and then add it to the link section on my blog - copying my previous buttons for reference! Hope it gets sorted out...