Tuesday, April 3

Animal magic?

I realised the other day that my life as a knitting blogger is missing an important element; I have no pets! The Curse and I live in a maisonette which has no direct access for footloose felines, otherwise we would probably have a cat. Believe me, it has been discussed several times, but we just don't think it's feasible or fair on the cat, and I don't subscribe to the view that there is such a thing as a 'house cat'.

It's not really something that bothers me very much, I think the Curse feels the absence more keenly than I. But it seems that cats and dogs are useful as... another possible recipient of knitted goods! Two recent examples: Scout and Dobby. One of these is far cuter than the other, imho; can you guess which?!

So in lieu of any of my own pets, here's Eric, my sister's cat. Famous for leaving a dead rat under the spare bed the day before I went to stay. The following morning, returning from the bathroom, I thought I was responsible for the unpleasant whiff that lingered in the room. I was quite relieved when I discovered it was just a rotting rodent!!! He's also been known to crunch on the bones of baby rabbits while hiding under my sister's bed - not conducive to a relaxing lie-in. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be knitting him any garments - he would take a very dim view.

Whoops, nearly missed an opportunity to brag about the latest FO; simple toe-up socks from the Knitty pattern I mentioned before.

And finally, a gratuitous picture of the niecelets.


rahime said...

So much cuteness in one post!

Nicola said...

The pet issue is one I'm familiar with rented accommodation is never really pet friendly - I miss living close to my parents and their dog. At least I have friends who have pets I can visit (I like seeing the friends too not just the pets ;) ) Now I just have to look foward to August when we are dogsitting our friends' Staffie for a week...

Rowan said...

I'd ask you to knit something for Monty and Cosmo, but alas I fear they would eat it and vomit back on my bedroom carpet.