Saturday, January 19

Two halves make a whole (not a hole)

My trip to Zaragoza, in north west Spain, was not only very interesting from a professional point of view, it was very productive in the sock department.

I give you:

Standard toe-up in Regia Canyon Colour (as an aside, why does no-one stock this in the UK? If you know anywhere that does, please tell me!) This was my airplane knitting, on wooden DPNs. Simple and straightforward, no pattern required.

The Zockni socks also reached the heel from the other direction, mostly at the hotel in those dull evenings of solo business travel. Luckily I had a great audiobook with me; The Night Watch by Sarah Waters. A great story following a handful of characters in London during the Second World War and the years afterwards. Very dramatic, and also very poignant. It was fascinating imagining what life was like during the bombings of the city, and how people yearned for such simple pleasures, like an orange. The story is told from the post-war period backwards, which now leaves me wanting to listen to the beginning again...!

I'm trying to keep my hand in with top-downs although the heel is still a short-row heel, not a heel flap. I think I'll make my next pair of socks a top-down with heel flap if I can. The pattern is fairly easy, although I did lose my way a bit during a few of the more dramatic bits of the audiobook. Sorry Canny Cat, they are way too big for a size 3, and make a very comfy fit for me. However, I CAN recommend the pattern..!


laura said...

The Zockni yarn is LOVELY. Something about that color pink lately just does it for me.

Rowan said...

my grandparents had some interesting stories about life in London during the Blitz. apparently granddad and a lot of other men used to walk to work along the rail-line because it was elevated, so that when the german bombers did their morning run they could work out what had been bombed; if they thought their street had been hit, they'd go back, otherwise they'd carry on to work. He was very matter of fact about it but I suppose it was a daily event for him.

Too orangy for crows said...

I used to know how to knit. Not very well mind you but I always found it really enjoyable.
May well pick it back up..

Knit Nurse said...

You must take it up again, orangy! Mostly because I am planning to form a subgroup of the Lewisham Bloggers which will be the Knitting Lewisham Bloggers.... I have a few prospective members already!

You could always come along to Meantime Knitters, we meet twice a month in Greenwich & Deptford for drinks/cakes/gossip and, oh yeah, a bit of knitting too!

Too orangy for crows said...

If you can tolerate my amaturish ways that sounds lovely :)

Knit Nurse said...

ho ho we have plenty of amateurish ways of our own! We could swap tips..
Next meeting is in the bar of the Picturehouse in Greenwich on Sun 3 Feb from 4pm onwards. Join our yahoo group (there's a link on the right) to keep updated with other things we get up to!