Tuesday, January 8

First FO of 2008!

When Natalie saw my last post about the sock, she nearly fell off her chair. She has blogged about it here where you can see how the semi-striping yarn turns out when she, and others knit it! She also emailed and expressed her hopes that the second sock would match.

Natalie, look away now (or at least hold on to your chair)!

Kazam! What a natty pair of socks I've got! I'm rather fond of their dogged attempts to be different, and also quite shocked by how much my tension must vary from one day to the next!

Perhaps it was all the stress of Christmas, or maybe the relaxing I felt once it was over!

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natalie said...

Well, I love them! Well done. I have never mastered those heels, they are really pretty.

Who wants matching socks anyway?
I think this is a bit like spinning. When we first start, our handspun is lumpy, and we spend weeks and months getting it smooth and even... but if the yarn was bought in a shop, we would pay more for lumps! I think uneven socks are the same, if we wanted identical socks we could go to M&S, couldn't we? :o)