Tuesday, January 29

Latest cosy

Every teapot needs a cosy, and the teapot at Russet Spinney in the Isle of Wight is no exception. This lovely cottage has provided my home comforts for several visits to the island, but a warming tea cosy has always been absent.

Now I know that on future visits, I'll be able to dawdle over my morning cups of tea for as long as I like, without the pot going cold.

This Colinette Point 5 has actually been a teacosy before - it was first knitted up to become my sister's christmas present, but I really didn't like the finished object (too pointy and a bit big), so I ripped it back. I kept the pom pom though, and when packing my stuff ready for the weekend, I decided that I should take the yarn, needles and ready-made pom pom along to create a little something for the cottage.

It made a nice change having the teapot present when I was knitting the cosy - the last few I've made have been pretty much a guessing game! I just cast on 40 stitches (9mm needles) and knitted it flat, leaving the hole for the spout in the middle. Using circular needles made it much easier to move from one section to the other. I decreased very rapidly on the top, every other row I did K2tog along the whole row.

This yarn suits garter stitch SO much better than it did stocking stitch; I think the nobbly-ness of the stitch complements the random nature of the thickness of the yarn. The only thing I would do differently is make it a little longer at the bottom of the cosy - but you can't see it from here, so don't worry about it!

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Maggie said...

Cute tea cosy!

Thanks for your comment - we're hoping the new caravan will be sited for the beginning of the season on March 1st so we're thinking of going down for that weekend.

Interested to hear you worked at Penmaenmawr - it'd be great if you had any photos of the tunnel being built you could post on your blog.

All the best from rather grey Liverpool