Tuesday, January 15

Welcome colour

My fibre club parcel from the Yarn Yard brought some very welcome colour into a grey, wet and windy day! Naturally my camera and the 7pm winter indoor light do no justice at all to these subtle tones. The fibre is 50% merino, 50% tencel and Natalie kindly includes a chunk of undyed 'practice' fibre so we can have a go with it before deciding how we want to spin it. I think I am going to hang on to mine for now, until I've had my spinning tuition at the beginning of Feb and have a bit more idea what I'm doing!

Oh pointy sticks, oh pointy pointy! Here are the lovely Lantern Moon DPNs that I mentioned the other day. However the sock shown is no more. Turned out 2.25mm needles were too small for this yarn and pattern. I have gone up to 3mm (yes they really were too small!) and will see what happens. Trouble is it's not really a pattern you can easily adapt by putting a couple of extra stitches in to widen a panel or something. If it fails to fit me on 3mm needles I'll either be giving them away, or looking for a different pattern. Given that I've got three days away in Spain from tomorrow, with no doubt a lot of waiting at airports and sitting on planes, I suspect the socks will get finished no matter what. All you people with feet smaller than a 7; put your bids in now!

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CannyCat said...

That wool is beautiful, it makes me think of windswept heather :o)

If they're really small, I'll wear them! I'm a size 3! :b