Saturday, May 24

Back for a quick breather...

...before heading off to the USA for ten days.

The Curse and I have been in Wales for the last five days; there has been much knitting (five and a half hours on the train each way!); some walking; lots of inhaling of clear air and sweet aromas of May flowers; moderate drinking and over-eating; and not a lot of much else.


Above - view of Cadair Idris range of mountains, as seen by us after finally reaching the top of the long and painful hill we climbed on our 11 mile walk.

This is the footpath through the woods from my aunty's house where we stayed, to the local village. We used to holiday at the same place every spring, and this view is firmly rooted in my childhood memories. Many things in the area have changed, but this woodland is resolutely the same.

More about the knitting tomorrow....

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