Sunday, May 4

Last day

Our last little scamp is off to her new home later today, I'm going to be sad to see her go, but she will have a much more exciting life there, with a garden to play in and all those kind of things. Even if we had a garden, our domestic arrangements are too complicated at the moment to accommodate little kittens that need lots of attention, company and food! I don't want to be housebound at weekends for the forseeable future, I am going stir crazy as it is, so it will be a relief to have my freedom back.

So as well as no more getting up at 6am to feed the noisy little tyke, no more emptying litter trays and hanging the washing back on the clothes horse after she's pulled it down onto the floor, there will be:

- no more kitten in a basket

- no more kitten neckwarmers

- no more kitten technical assistance ('here, let me help you catch that pesky cursor!')

..and no more early-morning/late-night kitten attack/nose licking while I'm trying to sleep! There is no picture to illustrate this for obvious reasons!

It's been frustrating and time-consuming, as well as great fun at times, but now I'm ready to reclaim my life!


Laura said...

Those damn kids! Haha. There is a reason baby animals/people are so cute--so we'll put up with them!

Good luck getting back to your regular life.

Susie Hewer said...

Awwwwh, that is a seriously cute kitty!