Sunday, May 25

On the needles

The trip to Wales yielded a couple of newly-started objects. Above, my Mini Clapotis which I am making with Rowan RYC silk wool DK. The colour is much more greeny than the picture shows, but after several attempts in several different lights, this was the closest I could get!

Also on a green theme, these socks will be coming with me on the trip to the USA as my airplane knitting. They are the Artichoke socks designed by Megan Humphrey. I am really enjoying the pattern on these socks, and I'm going to do the traditional heel flap for a change, rather than my usual short-row heel, just to keep up all the skills! These are possibly going to be a birthday present for someone, so you might not see them much more until they are finished.

Tomorrow I'm off to the USA for a ten day trip - Baltimore, followed by Minneapolis and then Pittsburgh. I'm really excited because in Baltimore, I'm going to meet up with Laura, aka Soap Turtle, whom I 'met' a while back in Sockapalooza 4. She made me some glorious 'skyscraper' socks which are still going strong, as well as sending me some more little gifts too, including homemade soap of course!

We are going to meet up for dinner, and hopefully will have time to go to one of the local yarn stores too...! Watch this space.

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Rowan said...

at last the mystery is solved!! I've got a small box in my bag of tricks that contains those things on your needles (first picture).

Every so often, I unearth them and wonder what they are for, I have even asked Doug if they're some strange thing from his single & carefree past.

But now I know what they are, I might even start knitting something where I can use them!