Friday, May 16

Two FOs

Second pair of Saartje's booties, this time for a friend whose baby is due in a couple of weeks. Rather cute I thought, made out of leftover sock yarn. I don't put buttons on, I make little bobbles out of the yarn and sew them on.

And here is my current pride and joy - the first Real handspun FO! This was fibre I got from the Yarn Yard some months ago; I tried to spin it from the fibre in a logical order so that it would ply together in blocks of colour, rather than a mish mash, and to some extent it seems to have worked! There are some sections where the red and yellow mix, but these are offset very evenly by the sections of yellow and red solids.

What I find even more amazing is that they have knitted up so evenly! I cast on about 54 stitches on my normal sock needle size (I usually use 60st on 2.5mm), to account for the fact that the handspun is a little thicker than normal sock yarn. And then I knitted a simple sock, toe up, using the colours as they came.

The only slight alteration I had to make to the use of the yarn was that when I started the second sock, I had to steal bit of the yellow/red mix from the end of the first ball to do the toe, so it would match the first sock. Then I attached the second ball and knitted, and amazingly the colours seem to have more or less followed in the same order!

This is officially a Five Star Super-Chuffed Finished Object!


Clare said...

The socks look fab and the booties are so cute!

pixlkitten said...

Those socks practically glow! How cool to have spun and knit your own yarn into socks! You'll have me ordering a wheel some day.