Thursday, April 9

Back for now

I am back to report on a wonderful holiday which lived up to and beyond my expectations.

Some of the highlights were:

- remembering what I love about the Curse and why we got together in the first place
- spending lots of happy hours together, exploring the footpaths, ales and cuisine of the island
- seeing red squirrels marauding round the treetops in the spring sunshine (thanks Jane for the inspiration, and that National Trust for its stewardship of the lovely Borthwood Copse)
- looking out to sea from bed in the morning while supping a cup of tea
- eating omelette for breakfast flavoured with the wild garlic we picked the day before
- paddling in the sea (very briefly, it was ruddy cold!)
- views of the coastline all around the island
- razor clams cooked in garlic butter
- skate wings
- New Forest ice cream
- feeling the sun on my face
...and knitting, of course!

The main project was put into hibernation for the week while I knocked up a pair of socks (Spring Forward) and a stripy ipod cosy for a friend. More info tomorrow.

The lowlights?
- going to the wrong ferry port on the way out (duh! I am definitely getting old!)
- having to come home again after only a week!


laura said...

It still sounds lovely. The problem with a really good trip is one week is never enough. :)

Rowan said...

IoW is lovely - we went there for a wedding about 3 years back, hotel with a private beach on the North East of the island. Had a great time, stayed on for a day or so afterwards, would like to go back at some point.

Gareth Gardner said...

You've got me all excited for my own (non knitting but lots of photography) trip there in a few weeks!

Probably Jane said...

I'm so glad that you got to see the squirrels!