Tuesday, April 28

Scandinavian egg cups

It would be impossible to describe just how much I love these Norwegian egg cups, which amazingly were bought separately - I can't remember where from or how much I paid, but I just know they were at car boot sales or charity shops and about a pound each. The fact that they are two different variations from the same set is even more pleasing to me.

Each has a circular depression in which you prop your boiled egg, and a widened rim at one side where you can put the egg shell when you have peeled it off, or some salt in which to dip your egg as you eat it.

They are made by Figgjo Flint in Norway; judging by the designs, some time in the 1960s.


Rowan said...

this takes me back - my parents' first dinner service was v v similar to this and its one of my earliest memories. knowing my mum, she might even have one or two pieces left.

Probably Jane said...

I would love them too!