Thursday, April 16


While I was away on holiday I knitted something up for a Pay it Forward gift; I can't show you the gift, but I will show you the yarn. I was very impressed by this yarn - inside the main ball of 4 ply was a little tube which was wound with a thinner (perhaps laceweight?) offering of the same colour. Apparently this is intended to be a strengthening thread, perhaps to incorporate in the heels and toes of your socks? The fact that I didn't find it till I was halfway through the second sock made it a little difficult to adhere to this admirable intention. I will save it for darning instead!

*UPDATED! After losing the ball band for both balls, I've now managed to track down the yarn type - it's Jawoll from Lang Yarns in Switzerland. Bought in IKnit London for a very reasonable £3.30 per ball.

I like the match between the colour of the yarn and the paint on this little fellow I spotted on the side of a derelict pub on the outskirts of Greenwich.

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