Saturday, August 8

Chocolate covered orange peel

For someone who hated candied peel as a child, I have made great strides over recent years. I must stress, however, that this recipe produces candied peel as different from the candied peel you are used to as fresh-squeezed orange juice is different from Just Juice orange juice!

Four oranges
8oz sugar
8oz water
approx 8-10oz dark chocolate (as good quality as you like - I used a combination of Lindt 53% cocoa solids with sea salt and a 47% chocolate with roasted cocoa 'nibs'. Very tasty!

1. Slice top and bottom off the orange, then score skin into four quarters and peel it off the orange, along with pith

2. Cut the peel into long thin slices

3. Drop into a pan of boiling water and simmer for a few minutes. Drain, rinse in cold water and repeat.

4. Combine 8oz water with 8oz sugar, bring to boil, drop skin into it and cook for about an hour, checking occasionally to ensure it has not boiled dry.

5. Dry the peel (in a cool oven if necessary)

6. Melt chocolate in a dish in large pan of water.

7. Dip half length of peel in chocolate, then place on greaseproof paper and put in the fridge to cool.

Impress friends and relatives


Catherine said...

Cool! How long does it keep for?

pixlkitten said...

OH!! GOD!!! YUM!!!!

knit nurse said...

Not sure how long it lasts, I haven't been able to stop eating it! I guess about a month or longer, considering how much sugar is in there,

Ellen said...

Yes - an excellent gift!