Thursday, August 27

Green and brown

The green is this lovely Aran Donegal yarn which is waiting to be turned into something special - I think perhaps some felted mittens might do the trick.

And the brown/black is these fabulous muffins that I made just before I went away and I'm now enjoying the last few which I've exhumed from the freezer.

Believe it or not, the muffins are courgette and chocolate - the leftover chocolate from the choc-dipped orange peel and half an oversize courgette from Caterina's garden.

I used this recipe, but left out the cherries. They are truly divine; just chocolatey enough without being too dense and sickly.

In the intervening period I have been enjoying architecture in New York and San Francisco - in between working very hard, I hasten to add!

Liesl has been progressing almost to the point of completion, thanks to about 23 hours of flying time in total; in New York, however, I understood exactly what the Americans mean when they say it is too hot to knit! There will be pictures of progress as soon as I get some daylight for photography!

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