Wednesday, February 24

Fresh mint tea

Later on today I'll be treating myself to a pot of fresh mint tea.
1. Take large handful of fresh mint
2. Place in teapot
3. Pour on boiling water, leave to steep for 5-10 mins.

One of the best things about Deptford High Street (and there are many, believe me!) is the accessibility of fresh herbs. I grumble that you can't get basil or oregano, but luckily my balcony/lounge windowsill is ideal for these so it's not a great hardship!

Bunches of fresh herbs like this cost just 75p each, and are sold at three or four of the many greengrocers along the street. If the herbs at one shop are looking a bit limp, you'll likely find a fresher bunch a couple of shops further along.

Anyone else have a favourite local shop(s)?

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colleen said...

Delicious. I noticed the mint at our allotment is up and preparing to take over the plot.

Lots of fruit and veg shops of all nationalities on Roman Road, and some of the traders who have had market stalls for years have upped their game from the potatoes, cabbage and root veg to encompass a much wider range of stuff. Very encouraging.