Sunday, February 14

Surrey Canal remnants on Evelyn Street

Lovely battered old parapet of the bridge that used to cross the Grand Surrey Canal on its route from Surrey Dock to Camberwell. A new residential development is planned for the site, but although the proposal aims to restore some of the canal as a water feature, it will block off the possible future extension of the canal as a route under the busy road for pedestrians and cyclists. In my opinion this would be a huge missed opportunity.


colleen said...

Great photo. What a missed opportunity - as you'll know, the canal routes round here, especially the Regents, are awash with cyclists.

Very impressed that you aren't put off by the cold (your earlier post). When I look at Copenhagen Cycle Chic I feel such a wimp.

pixlkitten said...

I can only imagine what a struggle it is to balance new construction with the history and beauty of London. I agree about the canal routes. We struggle here when developers rip down acres of forest to build McMansions and then decree that no tree in the development may grow over 6 feet tall so as not to obstruct the view of the tree-covered mountains.