Tuesday, February 16

Grey day out

A day off gave me the chance to take a trip to North London and pick up a little something for the Raleigh 20 (of which more news soon - as soon as the weather improves for photos!). She came into her own at Moorgate station where I was told 'no bikes on the train!'. 'Do you carry folding bikes?' I asked rather smugly....to which I knew the answer was yes!

On the way back I got off the train at Essex Road and picked up the Regent's Canal for a pleasant few miles back to the Isle of Dogs, then the Thames path down to Island Gardens and under the river at the Greenwich foot tunnel. The tunnel is due to be closed soon for refurbishment (although Greenwich Cyclists have lobbied hard and successfully for this to be restricted to night-time closures) and for the lifts to be replaced. Apparently the Raleigh 20 will also be allowed on the DLR during this time - hurrah for folding bikes! Even if it doesn't really fold much and is a bloody nuisance and much more difficult to move around once folded!

Part of the canal along by Victoria Park is currently closed and drained for refurbishment works until the end of March. Looks quite forlorn!

However the detour in Hackney took me along some interesting back streets with crumbling buildings giving a flavour of its past.

No doubt soon to be replaced by this kind of thing....


colleen said...

Don't get me started. I was very fond of the loading hoods and printing paper warehouses that pre-dated the buildings in your last picture. Having said that the new bridge across the canal is very convenient for the detour through Meath Gardens to the market square where i buy my veg and is pretty popular.

Loving the B&W photos.

knit nurse said...

Thanks Colleen!

I have to agree I do like the new bridge, it's a very pleasing design. I was going to add something to that effect but I decided it wasn't really visible enough in the photo to anyone who didn't know the area. Definitely a boon for accessibility - one day I will explore the other side of it!

colleen said...

Handy as a short cut to Prick Your Finger and the Museum of Childhood!

Gareth Gardner said...

More lovely photos! But why is London being turned into a city of generic apartments with balconies?