Saturday, March 13

The excitement of business travel

Quite apart from hours of airport queuing and flights full of school parties of Italian teenagers, my recent trip involved the glamour of driving for miles on busy motorways (now have a bad back), bland motels with nothing on the tele but football or Euro-soaps, six visits to factories/offices in ugly suburbs and the prospect of wrestling with exchange rates on the expenses form on my return.

Of course it's not all so glum - I did manage to glimpse the city of Como and a couple of Swiss lakes out of the car window, and I sampled some excellent pizzas. But on the whole I'd rather sleep in my own bed and eat what I have cooked myself.

Here's a few snatches of Euro-soap in case you have forgotten or don't know just how bad they are. Come to that I can't say I'm a fan of English soaps either - unless we are talking about the Archers of course.....!

Anyone suggest any good captions for these?

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ines said...

you're right, on italian tv there are very bad soaps but they come from USA or Germany... we are their dustbin!