Saturday, March 27

Nesting begins

Every year I buy a coir liner for my little hanging basket, and every spring the magpies pull it apart for their nests. We (I) have learned to share without getting annoyed - at least it makes me refresh the soil in the basket! Looks like the nesting season is well under way - as soon as these jaunty mini daffs have gone over, I'll be off to buy a new liner.

Meanwhile the tomato seedlings are coming on a treat - these are cherry tomato plants that I've just potted up today. The regular tomato seedlings are up, and basil, chilli and padron pepper seeds are in their pots hopefully starting to germinate!


colleen said...

Your miles ahead of me. Have only jus got round to thinking about sowing indoors. Mind you, it has been freezing here until the last week, so doubt whether they would have done much anyway.

colleen said...

That should have read "you're". Tut, tut.