Sunday, March 14

My first jumper

I am showing you this picture for two reasons: firstly because it features my mum and dad (albeit some years ago!), and I'm thinking about them both on Mother's Day. I don't see any reason for favouritism as they have both featured heavily in making me who I am today.

The second reason is that I'm wearing the FIRST EVER jumper that I knitted. It was pretty damn ambitious for an amateur teen knitter, but in those days I knew no fear. It used about four or five different colours in a stranded pattern on the front, while the back and sleeves were just plain. The ribbed neck rolled over and was stitched to form a thicker band.

I did a bloody good job of it, and was very proud to wear it.

A third reason I'm showing you this triumph of knitwear is to prove that I did make some nice tasteful items. If I'm feeling brave in the next few days, I will show you a picture of the project that followed it - and that should never have been allowed out of the house.


Clare said...

Love it!

ines said...

your first jumper is much better than mine and the pic is lovely!

Teresa in Virginia said...

Congratuations on your first "jumper" (we call them "sweaters" on my side of the pond). I think you did an excellent job and you had every right to be proud!