Sunday, April 25

Bowled over

I'm a bit of a sucker for kitchen paraphernalia of a certain era, and I do love a bit of good design.

Hence I was super thrilled to find these bright orange, plastic, nesting mixing bowls at a second hand shop in Ventnor. They are Danish, the make is Ira and the designer is Alf Rimer. Apart from the handy loop with which you can clutch the bowl as you beat your cake mix, they have a non-slip rim around the base to stop the bowl shifting around when you stir vigorously. Normally I have to employ a damp dishcloth for this purpose. Each bowl has measures marked on them on the inside.

And later the same day, a lovely piece of crockery came my way. This is Broadhurst china, the Carnival range. Even dishwasher proof, the stamp on the underneath claims!


colleen said...

There's something about finding the right bit of second hand china or kitchenware that turns a good day out into a great one, don't you think?

knit nurse said...

@colleen, yes indeed! And two on the same day made it doubly great!