Wednesday, April 7

A day at the seaside

Easter Monday proved all the weather forecasts wrong - at least in Hastings where myself and the Curse passed a very pleasant day with some former neighbours who have now escaped to the seaside.

After gazing in silent awe at the bountiful property that can be purchased with the proceeds of a two bed London flat, we chilled out and enjoyed a traditional seaside bank holiday.

Didn't quite make it to the crazy golf but we did go up the East Cliff in the newly-restored funicular railway, enjoyed a couple of pints outside one of Hastings' many pubs, bought some fresh crab and dry-cured bacon to take back home, and had a couple of bags of fresh doughnuts (or 'donuts' as they seem to have been renamed) to munch on the way to the station.

All very small-town and relaxing, but I've decided the city is the place for me right now.

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Brianna said...

Beautiful pics. I love the seaside, no matter what country I'm in. I've been to Eastbourne before, and Brighton, and thought it was very nice. The seaside in England is so picturesque!