Sunday, April 4

A corner of the island

Otherwise known as Newcastle Draw Dock, just a few minutes walk from Island Gardens DLR station on the Isle of Dogs.

It's a quiet little spot, I spent a short time beachcombing yesterday, the small beach is littered with colourful pieces of brick that have been worn by the Thames into shadows of their former selves. All sharp edges worn away with the action of the tides, leaving beautiful orange and yellow tactile lumps scattered along the shore. Builders' rubble transformed into something delightful.

The riverfront walkways are a nice place to sit and gaze over at the tourist madness of bank-holiday-weekend Greenwich, and to admire the classic panorama of the old Royal Naval College, the Queen's House and the Observatory lined up behind one another. From the beach you can see the Cutty Sark pub (although it's rather overshadowed by the ugly apartments) and the power station, and watch the boats chug by.


colleen said...

I'm always tempted to get down on those beaches and turn over the rubble. The colours here are pure London.

Next time you are over this side, you must come and take tea on the Mudchute allotment with us!

knit nurse said...

Thanks Colleen - I actually went to the Mudchute Kitchen for a cup of coffee and some fabulous cake. Can't believe I've never been there before - although the city farm itself is very easy to miss, especially since my usual biking route goes round the edges of the island. On Saturday I sought it out specially.