Monday, November 1

1 November: a significant date

1 November is a significant date in our household - it's officially classified as the first day that the heating is allowed to be switched on for the winter. Our maisonette has hot air heating, supplied by a huge, ancient boiler housed in a massive cupboard right in the middle of the house. I'm pretty sure it's the original boiler that was installed when the block was built in about 1970. So putting the heating on involves lighting the pilot light, setting the timer and pressing the switch to 'auto'.

We do benefit from having properties below and next to us that are occupied throughout the day, and we also have great insulation and a relatively small area to heat. But while I cycle to work and use the cosy shower room heated at the company's expense, the Curse showers at home and I suspect it's getting a little chilly in the mornings by now!

We've had a few skirmishes about the heating so far - the Curse is apt to sit around in a t-shirt complaining that he's cold which of course cuts no ice with me considering he's got a lovely hand-knitted cardigan available for just such occasions. All the same, we always try and hold out till November, and beyond if we can - it's turned into something of an autumn tradition. Last year I think we lasted till about 5 November, so still a few days to go!


laura said...

We hold out as long as possible too. Or rather, I do. He doesn't care. We just changed to a digital thermostat last week and once we made sure it worked, I set it for a temp I thought was way too cold for being inside a house, and that wouldn't let the basement plumbing freeze, and I am going to see how long I can stick it out.

I'll be honest though, it's 18 in the house right now, and my fingers are cold. I don't see us making it much past this week.

colleen said...

Definitely with you on waiting as long as possible. If it's as cold this year as last I shall be reading my books at the local library to stay warm!

Rowan said...

We've had the fire lit for weeks now, but then our living room is like an icebox even in summer. But we just bought a lovely furry throw to snuggle up under, that's if the dogs don't eat it first.