Saturday, February 11

For the love of pickles

I love preserves - whether pickled herring, home-made chutney or preserved lemons.

As well as jumping at any excuse to serve pickles and chutneys, I am always on the lookout for new recipes and love to try them wherever I see them on sale, in case I can get an idea or pick up some hints for something new. The basic recipe for my favourite ever home-made chutney (spicy apple) came from a jar I bought from a WI sale in Tenterden.

This little collection formed a large proportion of my dinner last weekend, and very tasty it was too, accompanied by bread, cheese and a hefty glass of wine.

Clockwise rom top left: smoked salmon rolls in dill sauce (part of a christmas hamper); pickled herring (last of a jar I bought more than a year ago in Ikea - lasts pretty well!); pickled garlic (my own recipe) with onion marmalade (from Paxton & Whitfield, part of another christmas hamper); pickled courgettes (my own recipe).

Plenty of plans for new pickles and preserves this year; currently waiting for the big jar of preserved lemons to mature, so I can try and work up a new chutney or relish which involves them. Tried a delicious preserved lemon and coriander sauce today at the Richmond farmers market, so I'm keen to try and replicate it. Watch this space!

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colleen said...

I adore pickled herrings - they still do their own at the local fish stall. Must buy some again.

Looking forward to the pickling adventures.