Sunday, February 12

Richmond to Teddington via Ham House

Saturday was my favourite type of winter day - crisp, clear and sunny, even if it was a little bit cold. Richmond was the starting point for a walk with Gareth; we both felt the need for some river views but nothing too physically taxing nor difficult to get to.

We detoured to look at Ham House, not expecting it to be open to the public this time of year, but we had forgotten it was half term and the gardens, cafe and shop are apparently open all week. It was delightfully deserted, seems like nearly everyone else had forgotten too!

The kitchen garden proved so sheltered and sunny that even in the freezing temperature we were able to enjoy our coffee and soup outdoors, watching the parakeets bully the blue-tits off the bird nuts!

Walking on to Teddington Lock offered some lovely river vistas, although the temperature dropped rapidly whenever we were in the shade. Always good to get home to the warmth, and count my blessings that I'm able to do so.

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