Monday, February 20

Meopham and Luddesdown

Another glorious day saw me itching for a walk, so after stoking up my energy levels with a sausage sandwich or two, I set off for Meopham in Kent.

I'm keen to continue my exploration of this part of Kent - for one thing it's within a half hour drive of home, and for another, it has some beautiful countryside.

When you drive through on the M2 it's difficult to believe that, as the motorway is flanked by electricity sub stations, out of town shopping centres, and industrial estates. But you don't have to go far to find hidden valleys, quiet lanes and beautiful woodland.

The walk, which I downloaded from here, starts just a few miles off the M2 at Camer Park, very close to Meopham. I extended the route to Luddesdown, which was great as I got to discover Luddesdown Organic Farm and witness their Gloucester Old Spot piglets having great fun digging massive holes in the ground!

The rhubarb in the old tyres was just peeking out, looking ready to spring into life at any minute.

The only downside of the walk was the pub that I'd thought might be good for a mid-walk pint in Luddesdown turned out to be closed. If only I'd googled it beforehand I would have known to divert the walk a bit earlier so I would pass the Cock Inn just around the corner!

But I made up for it by buying myself a bottle of wine from the Meopham Valley Vineyard shop in Meopham.

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colleen said...

Thank you. I've always wondered what was at Meopham when I've seen it signposted. Now I know, andmay have to go myself.