Friday, August 10

Feel the sock love!!

I have been a little remiss in posting about my Sockapalooza exchange, due to my stream of visitors this week. It has been a lovely week but has meant I have had to wait until today to offer heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the wonderful Laura!

Above you will see the contents of the parcel of beauty that turned up on my doorstep on Wednesday! I had just got out of the shower when I heard the postman knocking on the door. I called out to him to wait, because I was certain it would be Sockapalooza - he got a bit of a surprise when I opened the door in my bathtowel, but all credit to him he was very polite!

As you can see it was worth the brief embarrassment - the parcel contained a lovely pair of socks which it turns out were not only knitted, but also DESIGNED by Laura; a beautiful little bag and matching purse; and a bar of hand-made soap. She also sent two cakes of yarn; the purple and the variegated from the socks, so I can use them for another project! What a haul! The socks fit snugly and look absolutely beautiful - I particularly like the way the variegated yarn has created a graduated look, and how the solid purple pulls the whole lot together into a pleasing unit.

They will be worn with pride Laura, thank you so much. This is the first time I've been involved in a sock exchange, and it has been fantastic!

In the meantime, I also received an email from my sock recipient, Kristy, telling me how much she loved her socks!

I can't describe how exciting it is to see those very socks being worn by someone else all that distance away! It's a strange pleasure that I didn't really anticipate. All the time I was choosing the pattern and the yarn it seemed like more of a theoretical exercise than a personal one. Now that I have 'met' my Sockapalooza pals from both sides, it has all wrapped up in a really pleasing way.


soapturtle said...

I am so glad they fit well! :)

I was a bit worried because my feet are fatter and shorter than yours, so it was a little hard to judge the fit for you.

And sadly, I forgot to include washing instructions, but they are hand wash because the dark purple isn't superwash.

And I thought the little wallet would be perfect for holding your i.d. and tube pass when you wanted to travel light. :)

I am so happy you like them! I've been very nervous about it for some reason. This was my first sock exchange too, but it's been great fun doing it. So much so I'll probably do the next one.

smug sheep said...

Oh they're lovely. You know how I like variegated yarn, and I really like the design!

Anita (canuck) said...

O O O, I looooooove those socks!!!!!!

I am so envious.

Nicola said...

You lucky thing! Those socks really are gorgeous - the colour variations work really well with the windowpane check. Glad to hear that your own knitting efforts went down a storm with your pal - quite right too :)

pixlkitten said...

Your socks are lovely, but not as lovely as my socks.

rahime said...

Wow those are pretty!