Monday, August 13

Helping hands

Have you ever tried to take photos of your own hands? Impossible, no? Luckily I had my pal Lisa staying for a few days last week, just in time to help me out with a photo shoot for the forthcoming Ally Pally gig that I mentioned a while back.

One of my tasks was to create a crib sheet that people could take away with them from our 'learn to knit' area. My first idea was to find a website with some nice sketches or photos and get permission to reproduce them.

Then I remembered I had a digital camera and it might be more fun to do the pics myself. Can't be that difficult eh? Well to be honest it wouldn't have been so bad if only there weren't so many ends of yarn to position so that it didn't confuse the readers, or if Lisa hadn't suffered a bit of a brainstorm halfway through and found herself unable to frame the shot properly.

To be fair, we were both crouching awkwardly on the floor over a white duvet cover in the spare room, trying to get the natural light right, and trying to remember to make the pics consistent from one photo to the next. I don't think we did a bad job - luckily the camera took care of most of the tricky bits for us - shame about my porky mitts, I'll never make a professional hand model! I think my nails have taken care of that already. At least they were relatively clean though!

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