Friday, August 17


Yes I know, hard to believe eh? But keep the faith, I have BIG PLANS for this unseemly felted mess!
I really wish I had taken a photo of this before I put it in the washing machine. I'd already done a large test piece that had been felted, it turned out NOTHING LIKE this! But I've attributed that to a number of reasons; the main one being that the first swatch went in a full wash of relatively light clothes whereas this one got an exclusive trip in the drum with just a pair of jeans and several pillowcases!

I knew that the yarn - Wensleydale Longwool from the Sheepshop - would felt well as it has been shedding fluff all round our house since its arrival. It has created a lovely nubby texture and a thick, solid material that stands up all on its own. Honestly, you wouldn't believe it if you had seen the original floppy thing that I knitted.

I made it on largish needles (6mm) and it's aran weight so it was quite loosely knit. While I was creating the handbag I was thinking that it would make a lovely light jumper for the spring or autumn, might put that on my list (ahem!).

Anyway this slightly jumbled item will soon be transformed into the handbag of Knitty Woman (for the Ally Pally show). All I need now is a large, garish buckle (Deptford High Street here I come!), two handles (still to be knitted and felted) and perhaps a tab to close the top (I will probably cut that out of the original swatch). I'll admit I am pleased and relieved with the felted results, much better than I had expected!

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