Friday, August 10

I made it!

I've found a few of you already - if you're there, come and find me at Ravelry - I'm theknitnurse seeing as someone had got there before me and bagged knitnurse :-(

Don't expect to see much there for a while though - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and it may take me some time to perform such tasks as photograph all my stash. Or I may just not bother. Sorry if that's not in the spirit of things, but a) it could be rather embarrassing and b) that's valuable knitting time!

However I will be uploading some of the pics I've already taken, and a few patterns I'm working on, so I'm not being a total curmudgeon!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Ravelry and have enjoyed reading it. See you around Ravelry!


p.s. I didn't photo all my stash either - maybe later or maybe not.