Thursday, February 14

My spinning, part II

I realise I should have given you a bit more info about the spinning samples, but I was a bit tired last night after a long day at work and a few glasses of wine, and I had no words left!

They were snapped hanging out to dry on the washing line at the weekend.

Top pic, from left to right:

- pink merino plied with white unidentified fibre (you've seen this before some time back)
- green merino plied with 'humbug' blue-faced leicester (I think!)
- a mixture of bfl and shetland

Bottom pic, my fibre club samples from the Yarn Yard, left to right:

- 'spring flowers' blue-faced leicester
- 'semi-goth' tencel/merino

The samples in the top picture are probably going to get knitted into a teacosy or Bodum cosy or something. The ones in the bottom picture are only small swatch samples that I'm just going to play with to decide what to make out of the rest of the batch.

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smug sheep said...

They look gorgeous,and very professional. You must have been practising loads!