Friday, February 22

Who makes my day?

Natalie at the Yarn Yard gave me this award almost (ahem) two weeks ago! I've been very lax and a bit kitten-obsessed, but better late than never eh?

So here are my top ten bloggers; not all of them post every day, some of them are even more lax than me (sharp intake of breath!) but I regard them as quality not just quantity!

1. Right back at you Natalie. Great blog and great shop too!

2. Lolly has beautiful pictures and lovely stories and thoughts that manage to be heart-warming without being twee! And she has now made me want to take up weaving. Shame on you, Lolly!

3. Nicola has been leading a crazy dual life for some time now, but when she gets round to blogging, she usually has something funny or fascinating to say!

4. Anna's prolific crafting is inspiring as well as awe-inspiring. I'm still reeling from her Lizard Ridge Afghan.

5. Glitty Knitty Kitty; the furry (and slightly sparkly?) underbelly of subversive crafting. Always up to something thought-provoking.

6. Pixlkitten: Impressive knitting, and she has the best swear words. Penis Wrinkle Deluxe is the latest...

7. Indigirl: she has some great designs and is another blogger who can take fabulous photos.

8. The Coterie of Zombies: Howard mixes it up with bunnies, knitting, and signing. Sometimes he even knits using Bics.

9. Diamond Geezer: he doesn't knit, but he sure knows a lot about London!

10. The Greenwich Phantom: all you need to know about my local area (the posh bit of it, that is!)

Thanks to all of you for providing laughs, reflection, information and distraction!


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