Monday, February 4

Lax blogger

Life and work have intervened between me and my blog in the last few weeks, and for that I apologise. I realised how lax I have been after Natalie mentioned that she 'drops in' every day, and I thought how disappointed she must be to see the same post at the top for days on end!

I have a couple of deadlines coming up next week, so hopefully you will notice an improvement in due course; not only do I find it difficult to find time to blog, I also don't have anything to show, nor do I feel like sitting in front of the computer when I'm at home in the evening after a whole day of staring at it!

The Curse and I have been spending quite a lot of time apart; he's been round at his mum's house cooking her tea and looking after her, so when we do get time together, it has been nice to relax in each other's company and go out while we have the chance.

The weekend was productive; we chose a carpet for the bedroom after quite a bit of debate. The debate was whether we should choose something neutral so it wouldn't put people off when/if we wanted to sell the flat, or go for what the hell we liked, sod them all! We chose the latter (aubergine. just like it sounds!) After all, we bought the flat with a lime green carpet, pink woodwork and purple walls in the spare room!! We also identified the bed we're going to get (ooh, it's lovely! Head and shoulders above anything else we saw!). Can't wait to order it!!!

So that was my weekend; the Sunday was taken up with DIY, trying to fix the bedroom floor before the carpet turns up (we eventually managed, only two trips to the DIY store required), and petting our part-time cat, who's heavily pregnant and turned up on the doorstep Sunday morning, gracing us with her presence for 24 hours and thankfully not dropping the kittens in our built-in wardrobe!

I leave you with this picture from archives (Christmas hols, I believe). My second and third attempts at spinning and plying. I have a lesson this weekend coming, which I'm really looking forward to, so watch out for future improvements, hopefully!

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natalie said...

Oh no, I'm never disappointed -if everyone updated every single day, I'd never get anything done :o)
I find it easier to visit blogs I read more often instead of relying on a weekly update where I could be reading for hours and hours!
I have fairly wide-ranging tastes too from knitting to quilting and bento boxes to eco-blogs.
I'll post a list tomorrow on my blog at - it's too late tonight.