Friday, February 29

Oh crikey!

Just doing a bit of forward planning for my work trip to the States later this year. My first stop is going to be Baltimore, a city I know nothing about.

So naturally, I type 'yarn shops Baltimore' into Google, and what do I find? This article has got my heart racing already! "Baltimore enjoys many names—the greatest city in America, Charm City, and Monument City. But it should have another name, Yarn City, because of the remarkably high number of yarn stores in the metropolitan area." Woah, looks like I'm going to need a second suitcase. And that's before I get to Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Boston...!

This has made me aware of two things. Firstly, that the stash-busting MUST ramp up speed a bit! I'm not doing too badly, I haven't bought any yarn for several months, except for two balls of sock yarn for a recent commission (Ipod cosy featuring the Cornish flag). I'm finally making some headway on the Somewhat Cowl and I've done a few pairs of socks that have used up some of that mountain of stuff, but there's still a long way to go!

Secondly, the prospect of almost two weeks away from home is slightly more attractive, especially when I add up all those knitting hours! Perhaps I could take half my stash with me and knit it as I go along?!


pixlkitten said...

The blog "" might be a good resource. She lives and knits and shops near Balitmore (she works for the Federal Government in D.C. Also, I use to find yarn stores in other cities. might also have yarn stores in it. On Yelp, you can search for all kinds of things in a city. Stores and restaurants are reviewed by real people.
Did I thank you for the award you gave me? I've never gotten award for my cursing before.

laura said...

Lemme know when you are in town, I am about 20 minutes south of Baltimore and would love to have dinner. :)

Yarn stores in the area.. A Good Yarn is in downtown Baltimore, small but stuff full of yarn... Cloverhill is a bit outside of town but is my favorite by far (maybe I can arrange dinner and a trip to Cloverhill for you) and she sells spinning supplies also. I am not a bit biased by the fact that I worked there part-time last year, nope nope nope.

I can see about getting a comprehensive list of the shops in the area for you as well. :)

Knit Nurse said...

Wow, thank you both so much! You are leading me far, far astray!!! Yes Laura, I would love to meet up - it's going to be the end of May when I'm in Baltimore, I'll let you know nearer the time when I've made my travel arrangements. Gotta love the power of the internet!!!