Sunday, April 13

Here's one I made earlier

On a grey, rainy Sunday in London, what else to do but show you something I forgot to post a couple of months ago. How about this Ipod cosy for Dan, my Cornish colleague? Made with some sock yarn, using (I think) 2.5mm circulars, and knitted toe-up using the magic cast-on. The Cornish flag (St Piran's cross) was a regular pain in the ass to apply - couldn't get it to look right using either intarsia, or stitching it on afterwards, so I resorted to knitting it separately and then sewing it on. At least it adds extra padding! The tab at the top is closed using a bit of Velcro (originally a button but this proved a bit fiddly for Dan).

More recently, here's some rolags of fleece I brought home from the spinning group at Vauxhall City Farm yesterday. Apparently it comes from a sheep that is a cross between Shetland and merino, I will need to check the name but couldn't find anything about it on the internet.

It was great to spin with some raw fleece again - although it was quite dirty, the lanolin leaves your hands really soft, and the stickiness of the fleece is a real contrast to the smoothness of processed fibre. I can't say if I prefer one or another - the processed, dyed fibre gives a quicker fix to yarn addicts, but I'm also quite excited to see how the grubby, sticky yarn I've spun is going to look after a good wash!

Incidentally, for those who asked, the Sheep & Wool day at Vauxhall City Farm is going to be on Saturday 14 June. We are intending to have a sheep-shearing demo, an indigo dip for dyeing fabric, drop-spindles for kids and adults to try, carding and spinning demonstrations, and yarn, knitted, dyed and woven items for sale. It's 10.30 till 4pm.

Oh, and there will be cake, natch!

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