Saturday, April 5

Latest FOs

Express lane socks, knitted on 2.25mm needles using some plain 100% wool sock yarn from Texere that I dyed with Dylon. I can't helping thinking of it as Chelsea blue, much as I try not to! (Obviously the subliminal influence of The Curse.) Got the hang of the alternative short row method after two heels and two toes!

A kitschy coaster for the Curse's morning cup of coffee. Can't have nasty ring marks on our new bedroom furniture, can we? Crocheted in some leftover Paton's mercerised cotton, colour goes quite nicely with our decor too.

Finally, my first attempt at 'hyperbolic crochet' as seen on the Crochet Reef. Looks nice, but it's a bit boring after the first few rows. (Note to self: use chunky yarn next time!)


Smartphone said...
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The Pirate King said...

I'm doing something for the reef too! Crochet is so slow though and particularly this because there's no pattern to it, it gets boring! Mine's about the size of a grapefruit so far - I think it will take a while and a mile or two of yarn before it's the football size I'm hoping for!

pixlkitten said...

I love those express lane socks! What a great color!