Wednesday, April 30


Just as some yarn is cursed, and after three attempts and three froggings should be burned or banished, some yarn just aches to be made into felt and will stop at nothing to achieve its dream.

Recognise these?

Yes, the Express Lane socks I finished a couple of weeks ago, now transformed into a pair of rather dainty little felted boots.

They were rather nice in their original form, and fitted very well.

But this yarn has wanted to be felt right from the start, I see that now! When I dyed it, it came out of the hot bath a little bit felted - but I managed to salvage it with some careful winding.

It seems I was wasting my time. After a few wearings, and plenty of admiring comments from sock lovers, they managed to conceal themselves in the washing basket, and smuggle themselves among the rest of the washing into the drum for a hottish wash and plenty of agitation. Almost all of the other laundry was black, so they must have been very carefully hidden!

I dread to think what would have ensued had The Curse been responsible for this particular outrage - as it is, I have no-one to blame but myself! Arses indeed!

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Clare said...

Oh no!!

I hate it when things shrink in the wash. I did that to one of my most favourite ever jumpers. It took me a while to get over it.