Thursday, April 17

New things on the go!

Socks for Dad (Yarn Yard porage oats sock yarn, my own simple pattern); his birthday is early May, so I'm on a deadline. This one is actually finished now, so I'll be starting the second one later tonight.

Here's the fibre I got from Yarn Yard earlier this month, and forgot to post a picture, it is sitting patiently waiting for me to finish last month's before I can get started on it!

And finally, what would the Knit Nurse Chronicles be without a gratuitous kitten picture? Well make the most of it, they will soon all be off to make their way in the world.
Three of the kittens and mum went last weekend under what were not exactly ideal circumstances. I always suspected that this situation would not end tidily, but it hopefully has now been resolved and we are going to put it down to experience and move on.

The house is now relatively sane with just three kittens, although they still make enough noise running around at 11.30pm to make it seem like there are still half a dozen! But there are now less chores, and it is much quicker to do the head count before shutting the front door!

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smug sheep said...

Oh dear, cat situation sounds a bit alarming. I like the porage oats; very suitable for men