Thursday, June 19

Tour de Fleece

Out of curiosity more than anything else, I have joined the Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry. I like the fact that they have guidelines (NOT rules!) and that if you forget/slip up/lose interest you don't get scolded for it! Since I'm a cyclist as well as a spinner, it seemed quite appropriate. Don't get the wrong idea though, me and sporty definitely do not mix.

The idea is that your wheel spins along with the spinning of the wheels of the cyclists in the race - ie you try and spin every day of the tour. That's from 5 July to 27 July, with rest days on 15 July and 21 July. On 23 July, which is the hardest stage of the tour, you should try and spin something challenging. You can wear yellow if you feel like you've had a successful day, and there are prizes too.

It's all about personal goals and doing your best. I'm not sure if we are allowed performance-enhancing drugs (I'm thinking Nurofen natch) but since there are no drug tests I guess we can get away with it.

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