Monday, June 23

Things of beauty!

I'm not going to say much, just show you some of the fascinating items that were in a sewing box my neighbour gave me. She was given it by her mum, but no longer has the dexterity for sewing.

Aren't these needles beautiful with their gold tops? So dainty and graceful!

The matches came out of the Winfield 'panty-hose repair kit' which includes very fine thread and needles, for darning your stockings in the days when they were hard to come by! The matches have glue on the top, you are supposed to wet them and then use the glue to stop the ladders, put a dab at the top and the bottom, a bit like we used to use nail varnish when I was a teenager. These days it seems there's no real shame in having a ladder in your tights!

The different coloured threads take me back to childhood, delving into my mum's sewing box, fascinated by all the reels and buttons.

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Clare said...

Tee hee! I used to carry a needle and thread round for sewing up my school tights. They were forever laddering on the dodgy wooden chairs we had, even though they were those thick black woolly jobbies that no self-respecting school girl would be seen in these days!

p.s. I have a new knitting project! I will post some photos v soon - I cast on myself and everything!!!